About The Wizard

The wizard does have an actual name, Pete Klingensmith.  Pete’s story is unique to the decorative cake world.  Pete is a 6’4″ construction worker with 10 kids.  He and his wife Val have sacrificed a lot as foster/adoptive parents.  Nine of their children are adopted, some from very challenging situations.  Pete and his wife have denied their desires in favor of raising these kids as best they can.  Some have grown and left home and Pete decided to go after one of his dreams.  He loves making delicious and amazing looking cakes (much to Val’s dismay at times).  These cakes are not just works of art for Pete, they are also works of love.  He uses his master level patience that he gained working and nurturing their 10 children and carefully crafts each detail of the cakes.
Ultimate Wedding Gift

Ultimate Wedding Gift

Give Pete (the wizard) a try.  I’m sure you will have your wildest cake dreams come true.

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